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Cokin Z-PRO Circular Polarising Filter Z164 Z164 Circular POLARISER. ... Sigma 24mm f1.8 Aspherical Macro EX (For Nikon AF) A fast maximum aperture of F1.8 with macro focusing capability down to 18cm/7.1 inches (reproduction ratio 1:2.7). The iris diaphragm has 9 diaphragm blades to obtain beautiful out of focus image. It incorporates Sigmas floating focus system and uses two aspherical lens elements for minimizing distortion and spherical aberration and astigmatism. Internal focus system eliminates front lens rotation, thus allowing the use of a Perfect Hood and the ... Jessops 67mm Circular Polarising Filter A polarising filter is probably the most useful all-rounder after a protective UV filter.Polarising filters can be used to reduce reflections on glass or water (and other non-metallic surfaces).Another major application is to increase colour saturation - particularly effective in landscape shots where the blue of the sky can be greatly enhanced (as shown in picture at top of page - top image before, lower image after). ... Lowepro Pro Roller 1 Sized to qualify as airline carry-on and now made with Lowepro's custom wheel and handle system. Holds a 6x7 medium format, or 35mm SLR, 3 - 4 lenses, handle-mount flash and all the extras. Features include: 8 interior and exterior pockets, two sets of tripod/lightstand holders, removable Multi-format padded insert, tough in-line skate wheels, heavy-duty material, removable bungee cord and lockable zippers.SpecificationInner dimension ... Kodak Ektachrome E100G 35mm 36 Exposures (Excluding Processing) Designed to respond in diverse shooting conditions, Kodak Ektachrome 100 is ideal for studio or location work. Featuring high-efficiency T-GRAIN Emulsion crystals for almost undetectable grain (RMS granularity of 8), colour amplifying technology and advanced emulsion sensitization technology, which allows a lower D-min for whiter whites and snappier images. ... Fujifilm Crystal Archive Lustre Paper 30.5cm (12) x90m (2 Rolls Per Box) Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Prints that last a lifetime. Advanced Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II photographic paper resist fading for generations and keep your most cherished memories looking sharp and colourful The optium paper for Frontier Digital Lab Systems. Crystal Archive Type II paper is available in all popular print sizes up to 12 wide and comes in Matte, Glossy and Luster surfaces. Crystal Archive Type II p ... Jessops Jessops Stores

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Jessops Direct is Europe's leading specialist photo retailer. Jessops' comprehensive range of photography gear includes cameras, camcorders, digital cameras, binoculars, and thousands of accessories. The Jessops website,, offers an unrivalled breadth and depth of product information, aimed at helping customers reach an informed decision whatever their level of expertise.

With its huge range of nearly 20,000 products, free delivery on qualifying orders, and backed up by a network of over 240 Jessops stores across the UK, there's no better place to buy cameras and photographic equipment than

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Jessops is the leading UK, and European, retailer and reseller of cameras and photographic products and services … Jessops consistently provides not only the best price for UK cameras, but also the best service!

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Besides traditional and digital cameras, Jessops also sells a wide range of photographic accessories and peripherals for conventional and digital cameras, the studio and the darkroom. All of these products can be found online at the Jessops website.

To complement the range of digital cameras on offer, Jessops Photographic also stocks, digital scanners, PC image management software, image storage systems (such as Zip drives, CD-writers, memory cards), colour printers and printer paper (specifically tailored to the imaging market) and other accessories for the digital darkroom.

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